About Us

LCT is a cell implant company, incorporated in Australia with operations in New Zealand, that is focused on developing living cell products for the treatment of type 1 diabetes and neurological diseases.

We have collaborations in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Russia and the U.S.

LCT is an international leader in the research and development of therapies in disease areas that typically have no cure or poor treatment options. LCT is working in partnership with Japan’s Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory Inc. to develop our most advanced therapy, DIABECELL®, for type 1 diabetes. The jointly owned company, Diatranz Otsuka Limited (DOL), is conducting late-stage clinical trials for DIABECELL following the positive results from the interim analysis of the Phase IIa safety and efficacy trial and after successfully completing a safety trial in Russia. DOL is the only company in the world conducting late-stage clinical trials for a xenotransplantation treatment and we are considered the world leaders in xenotransplantation research.

If LCT’s trials are successful, the lives of the 8 million people with type 1 diabetes worldwide may well change. Clinical trial results to date have shown a significant improvement in diabetes management through reducing the need for insulin as well as the reduction or elimination of episodes of life-threatening low blood glucose levels. The dramatic results to date show DIABECELL’s ability to ameliorate this serious complication of diabetes, known as hypoglycaemic unawareness, is an important potential benefit to patients.

LCT has also developed an encapsulation technology called IMMUPEL™, which eliminates the requirement for immuno-suppressive drugs and is used in DIABECELL. The company is also developing another treatment called NTCELL®
, which is a potential cell therapy for Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease, stroke and hearing loss.

The ground-breaking results with DIABECELL, the success with IMMUPEL and development of NTCELL demonstrate that LCT is at the forefront of technological advancements both in cell bioprocessing and cell encapsulation.

LCT is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:LCT) and the US-based OTCQX (OTCQX:LVCLY)